Enzol Holdings Ltd sources and processes high quality speciality seeds and products from the fertile Canterbury Plains of New Zealand. 

Existing markets which Enzol exports products to include; Australia, USA, Canada, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, UK, France, Spain, Japan, Korea and Germany.

Enzol was established in 1994, following 36 years experience in an intensive cropping operation, in Canterbury. 
Mission Statement:

“Enzol Holdings will source natural products, grown in New Zealand to the highest possible levels of quality and process these products to meet customer requirements within the agreed timeframes.”

Core Competencies include:
Organic and non-organic natural products 
Seed multiplication 
Drying, Milling and sterilisation processing 
Exporting services worldwide 

Competitive Advantage: 

Enzol is able to source high quality products grown in New Zealand’s natural, green pastures.

We are one of a small number of exporters specialising in Southern Hemisphere grown products. This is of particular importance when meeting demands for products, internationally, during the Northern Hemisphere off-season.

Enzol has an established relationship with NZ growers, having been in operation for over 9 years ( and 36 years in an intensive cropping operation before this time).  This relationship allows Enzol to secure agreed volumes of product to meet customer's requirements within a specified timeframe.

Enzol prides itself on conducting all business associations with all parties with the highest degree of professionalism and trustworthiness. 




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